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Driving Test Cancellations

If you need an earlier practical driving test cancellation date because you have been searching the DVSA website and can't find driving test cancellations, we can find U.K driving test cancellations for you.

The best time of day to find driving test cancellations is all day long. So you need to be checking driving test cancellations constantly or you could get on our driving test cancellation list and let us give you driving test cancellation alerts of when we change your far away cancellation date to an earlier driving test cancellation.

We simply text you then let you reply back 'Yes' or 'No'. If it's a 'Yes' it's finalised, if you text back 'No' we will carry on searching for more driving test cancellations until you text back 'Yes'.

Driving Test Cancellations Reviews

How it works

Our process is simple, there's no need for any apps as we text you directly when we find out driving test cancellations for you. If your driving test date is months away but you are ready now and need your driving test within two weeks, fill in the form below and pay £30 and we will get you an earlier driving test cancellation date in any UK driving test centre of your choice. This service is available to all driving instructors, driving schools and learners even if you are learning to drive with a driving instructor from another driving school. For more infomation on how we can find driving test cancellations for you please go to shortnoticetests.com or contact us on 0208 220 7402.

Simply fill out the form below and select the buy now button below. Your details will be processed and we will start searching for driving test cancellations for you immediately. Our simple process can take from 1 to 7 days to complete. We are a fast track premium driving test cancellation service as well as a driving school who you can trust as we offer you full money back if we can't find an earlier driving test cancellation date.

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Mobile Number
Driving Licence Number
Theory or Driving Test Reference number
Date of LAST Driving test TAKEN
Preferred Driving Test Centre(s)
Dates you CAN do
Dates you CANNOT do
Driving Instructor Name + Tel.No (optional)