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Driving Test Cancellations

If you need an earlier practical driving test cancellation date becuase your driving test date is months away but you are ready now and need your driving test within two weeks, fill in the form below and pay £30 and we will get you an earlier driving test date in any UK driving test centre of your choice. This service is available to all driving instructors, driving schools and learners even if you are learning to drive with a driving instructor from another driving school we can offer this fast driving test service to you. For more infomation on how we can find driving test cancellations for you please go to shortnoticetests.com or call us.

Driving Test Cancellations Reviews

Simply fill out the form below and select the buy now button below. Your details will be processed by shortnoticetests.com and they will start searching for driving test cancellations for you immediately. They will change your far away booking to an earlier cancellation appointment and text you. All you need to do then is check if your instructor can make the driving test cancellation appointment and text back 'Yes' or 'No' for them to find another date.

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Driving Licence Number
Theory or Driving Test Reference number
Date of LAST Driving test TAKEN
Preferred Driving Test Centre(s)
Dates you CAN do
Dates you CANNOT do
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