Automatic Driving Lessons Ilford

Find the best automatic driving lessons in Ilford with A Class Learners The Driving School. If you are looking for expert male and female automatic driving instructors that teach automatic driving lessons in Ilford you have come to the right place. Our prices for automatic driving lessons in Ilford are great value for money and you will be happy to take auto driving lessons in Ilford once you see how skilled our male and female automatic driving instructors in Ilford are.

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At A Class Learners we have a range of automatic driving school cars that will suit most learners that want to learn automatic driving lessons in Ilford. We have Toyota Yaris, Nissan Micra, Toyota Auris and Peugeot 308.

Block Hours Block Price Book Online
Single Lessons £21 Book Online
2 £38 Book Online
5 £95 Book Online
10 £190 Book Online
Car Hire for Test + 1 Hour £70 Book Online

One block booking per person thereafter our normal rate of £21 applies per hour.

Learners may decide to take automatic driving lessons instead of manual driving lessons for a number of reasons. These reasons include not being comfortable with gear changing, they already have an automatic car at home they can drive once they have pass their driving test, they may want to take automatic lessons because they have heard its quicker to learn to drive in an automatic car than in a manual car. It may be because of physical limitations when driving a manual car or for medical reasons. Full licence holders who have passed their driving test in a manual car and may need lessons to learn how to drive an automatic car. We always advise to try a few lessons in an automatic car and then decide which one is right for you automatic driving lessons or manual?

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Automatic Driving Instructors Ilford

A Class Learners automatic driving instructors in Ilford are fully qualified professionals and will give you the highest standard of automatic driving tuition. We have a very good success rate for learners passing their practical driving test in an automatic car because our automatic driving instructors' in Ilford have a minimum of 11 years experience in teaching learners how to drive and pass their automatic driving test.

Our automatic driving Instructors' in Ilford will coach you and use a client centered approach to teach you how to drive. This learning method is when the instructor will agree with you what should be learnt together. This client based approach helps to promote active learning from you the learner which will help you to learn how to drive taking your learning needs into consideration and making you take responsibility for your learning and driving. This approach will make you a better independent driver and will help you to pass your automatic driving test quicker.

Automatic Female Driving Instructors Ilford

Are you searching for female automatic driving instructors' in Ilford? If yes, you have found the right place for automatic driving lessons with a female driving instructor. At A Class Learners The Driving School we have male as well as female automatic driving instructors' that can teach you to drive and pass your driving test. Please see our reviews to see how good our professional, fully qualified and experienced driving instructors are.

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